Motorsport Exhaust Systems are our Speciality

Working on the amazing Tyrell P34 Formula 1 race car, BC Fabs re-created this iconic motorsport exhaust system from the original drawings crafted in the 1970’s.

With 30 years combined experience and having honed our skills working in the most demanding areas of motorsport, BC Fabs is a trusted development partner to some of motorsports leading and most respected engine builders and race teams. The engineers here at BC Fabs are proud to design and manufacture motorsport exhaust systems to the highest quality.

With this in mind we were asked to create the exhaust system of the iconic 1970’s Tyrell P34 Formula 1 race car. Incredibly distinct with six wheels instead of four it was one of the most radical designs to ever compete in Formula 1. This made the car arguably the most recognisable design that ever raced in motorsport. This special project which involved the build of a continuation formula 1 car had never been done before, so it was an honour to be part of it.

We had to refer to the original 1970’s drawings that were known as ‘the bible’ in order to create the exhaust system that was essentially fifty years old. Which makes this piece of engineering even more special considering how symetrical the exhaust is. Taking into account the stagger of the V8 engine, we had to stagger the tailpipes so when they were fitted to the car, they finished at the exact same point. A true testament to the skills of our fabricators.

Being part of this incredible piece of engineering has been a career highlight to date. A true honour for our work to be a part of such iconic and fascinating motorsport history and further proof that our motosport exhaust systems are second to none.


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