Benefits of Using Inconel for Exhaust Systems

One of the benefits of using Inconel for exhaust systems is the weight to strength value, ensuring less weight and more strength for your exhaust

The benefits of using Inconel for exhaust systems for high end motorsports are largely known in the industry. They are superior when it comes to exhausts. Known as a ‘superalloy’, Inconel is primarily made from nickel and chromium. Its strength and high melting point make it popular in the aerospace industry amongst others, it’s also often used in nuclear reactor cores!

It’s main use however is within motorsports. F1 car exhausts have been manufactured from Inconel for years, partly because the material allows them to be built extremely thin and therefore light systems, and also because of the great heat resistance properties. With it’s high nickel content, Inconel is stronger than both Stainless Steel and Titanium which allows us to decrease the wall thickness of your exhaust, saving weight without compromising on strength.

Working with Inconel takes a high level of experience and skill and BC Fabs have that in abundance with years of first hand experience servicing professional motorsports teams nationwide. Inconel is an expensive material to produce, due to the massive benefits in strength and lightness, so it takes an experienced hand to engineer our bespoke exhaust systems like the Porsche 718 GT4 system and many of our high performance motorsport projects.

Benefits of Using Inconel in Exhaust Systems

Our Porsche 718 GT4 Exhaust is for those looking to achieve more noise and increase power by only changing the rear box of the car. The 718 GT4 Race Exhaust design avoids the use of valves and silencers which results in a custom-built exhaust that pops and bangs from start-up. As an alternative, we also manufacture a Porsche 718 GT4 Valved and Silenced exhaust for those who are looking to maintain the option of the valved button in the cabin and to utilise some silencing in the exhaust . This is the simplest most cost-effective solution to increasing the noise of your supercar and Inconel is the perfect material to use due to it’s lightness and strength.

Our design merges right before the tailpipe to reduce resonance through the pipe within the low RPM range. Gasses pass through both the larger and smaller diameter pipes. Our calculated x piece amplifies the Porsche flat 6 tone as gasses on both sides of the engine mix revealing an incredible howl out of the rear of the car.

At Benjamin Clowes Fabrications, we have 30 years knowledge and experience of high-end and bespoke exhaust design and manufacturing. Through a network of motor sport engineers we have supplied the highest of quality products to some of the most successful and respected engine builders and race teams in the world. All BC Fabs exhaust systems are designed and built in house in the UK by championship winning motorsport professionals.

If you want to find out more about our Porsche 718 GT4 exhaust systems then visit our website or get in touch on +44 (0) 1869 243 141